Portland “Maile” Mendivil

Mendivil, Portland Resized




Tel: (808) 223-5434

Email: PortlandM@AlohaPro.net

Down to earth

Looking for a down-to-earth realtor with high business ethics?  Maile is the Realtor for you.

Modeling herself after her parents(self-employed business owners), Maile believes in being an expert in her field. “People who know what they are doing and do it to the best of their ability – do not cut corners.  People who have pride in what they do, they inspire me.”

As your agent, Maile will keep things on track, make sure your rights are protected and pay attention to the details.

Her Phylosophy—

“Life will always throw you curve balls, you just have to get over it and get on with it.  You create your own happiness; no one else is responsible but you. Being happy is accepting who you are, it is all internal. Be grateful and appreciate what you have every morning.”

Maile has degrees in Hospitality and Business.

She likes reading, cooking, yoga and spending time with her dog, Nikki.

She likes to laugh too.

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