Hawaii Real Estate License

How do I get a Real Estate License in Hawaii?

Its Just a few simple steps

Go to a Pre-Licensing school and pass exam
Take the Hawaii State exam
Place you license with a Broker/Company
Join the Board of Realtors (MLS)
Cost $400 to $500
Cost $69
Cost $ 185 to $255
Cost $1100 (Aprox.)

Sounds simple enough, but let’s look at the details.

Finding a School is relatively easy, however finding a school which is conveniently located, has classes when you want them and hours to suit your needs, can be quite difficult. Therefore many students are opting to take the class online, as it allows much more flexibility. Aloha Properties is partnering with ProSchools to offer online real estate education, just click on the link below:


Hawaii Real Estate Licensing Course

Don’t forget to ask us about our 100% tuition reimbursement program!

Once you pass the school, you will need to take the Hawaii State Exam. After passing the state exam, you can then sign on with a Broker.  Costs to be associated with a broker vary widely, especially the cost of Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O). In some offices this fee could be as much as $2000 per year. Many also charge for their training program.

So you see, your upfront investment is about $2000. This does not include the cost of advertising yourself.

At Aloha Properties, we offer free agent training. Pre-licensing school tuition reimbursement plan. Our E & O Ins. fee is just $40 per month and we give you guided support in starting your business. We also make affordable, full color, low cost, advertising pieces, in house. Best of all, our Broker is readily available to you when you have questions or need help.  You’ll like our friendly agents and staff.

Questions: Please call Jerry on his cell at (808) 387-7718 or email JerryF@AlohaPro.net

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