Peter Guerrera

Guerrera, Peter Resized




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Peter passed over two careers, the first in the military and the second in financing, to become a respected Elementary school teacher of over 20 years.

Choosing to pursue a career as a teacher has helped me to become the person I am today and I would not change that for anything.

 As an educator, I learned the importance of patience.  I also learned that I care about the well-being of others.  Each student that I have had the opportunity to work with in the past has taught me to respect the differences in others, whether it be individual learning style or ethnic backgrounds.  I have become more of a compassionate person over the years spent educating children.  I have also learned to become more efficient and organized with my time since it is so limited, with the obligations of being a teacher of young children as well as a parent and a real estate agent.

Lastly, I learned the enormous responsibility involved with educating the children of today who will one day become the leaders of tomorrow.  It was my sincere hope that each child I was able to reach and help, whether it be academically, socially, and/or emotionally will have that much more of chance of becoming a productive member of society.”

 Strong, yet resilient, Peter looks problems in the face and finds a way to overcome.  He will be your strength, your guide, your dream maker and your friend.

Peter now brings his years of teaching skills and great qualities of understanding, organization, and caring to the world of Real Estate. His patience and understanding of people and their differences  helps him to be a great negotiator.  He works with people to help them accomplish their goals and dreams.

So if you’re looking for a Dream Maker, call Peter.  I’m sure you won’t regret the experience.


Likes:  Wine, music, the color green, cats, working with people, and getting together with friends.

Favorites:  Surfing, swimming, and traveling


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