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Tel: (808) 393-6303

Email: yanchen327@hotmail.com


And the winner is ……

At the age of 14, Yan Chen joined the Chinese National Swim team. Her goal? To set records. And after four years of hard work, she did just that.

Yan set a new Worlds Record in the women’s 400 meter, Individual Medley. Quite an accomplishment!

After immigrating to America, Yan works as a swim coach, with Punahou High School Aquatics swim team, helping other youth to achieve their goals and dreams.

But Yan has other goals and records in mind too.  Her goal?  To be a Top International Award winning agent.  But to do that, Yan realizes she must give top quality service, through hard work for her clients. And she intends to do just that!

So, when listing your home For Sale, put Yan on your team.

And the winner is….YOU!

Yan speaks English and Mandarin.

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