Condominiums in Honolulu

Photo compliments of Kyle Wong

Condominiums in Honolulu

There are over 1,600 registered condo associations in Honolulu consisting of about 150,000 units.

The first condos and co-ops in Honolulu were built prior to 1939.  But even by 1960, only about 2% of the current inventory of condos had been built.  Almost half of the current inventory, more than 62,000 units, were built between 1960 and 1980.  The bulk of which was built during the building boom of the ‘70s.

As such, many building are being repaired, remodeled, or refitted due to age.  Although buildings age well in Hawaii due to the absence of freezing weather, systems such as water pipes, waste pipes, electrical, and elevators need to be upgraded with age.  Another problem affecting many older buildings is spalling, due to rusting steel inside the concrete. These are the main factors contributing to higher association fees and sometimes special assessments in older buildings.

Today, Honolulu is at the edge of yet another building boom, with over 20 new skyscrapers on the drawing boards to be built within the next 10 years.  Several of which are already under construction.

Honolulu’s skyline is rapidly changing.  Many will be luxury condos, catering to the well-to-do, with amenities such as fitness gyms, heated pools, dog spas, wine cellars, door men, concierge services, and even private shoppers!

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