Electrical Service            www.heco.com 

Hawaiian Electric Company provides all the electricity on Oahu.  Service can usually be established in just one day by calling 548-7311.  Applicants need to give the address of service and appropriate credit references.  A $100 deposit may be required to set up service and refunded when service is terminated and outstanding bills have been paid.  Customers are billed monthly. 

 Hawaii imports over 90% of its energy supply so even though fuel is not required for winter heating, your power bills may be a little higher than you are used to.  The typical family of four consumes about 40% of its electricity to heat water for showers, baths, washing dishes and clothes.  Information on energy conservation may also be obtained from Hawaiian Electric.

 Gas Service     www.hawaiigas.com

Gas service is not utilized in all homes, check for gas hook-up before calling.  New customers should call 535-5933 for information and service.  A refundable, $50 to $100 deposit is required by tenants.  When calling for service, be ready to give your address, appropriate credit references, and a list of appliances that will need gas.

 Water Service        www.hbws.org

Hawaii, although surrounded by water, depends on winter rain to fill the underground aquifers.  If rainfall is less than anticipated, conservation measures are sometimes brought into effect.  Remember that water is a very precious resource wherever you may go, please conserve whenever possible.

 Each county administers its own water supply system, however, some resort communities have installed private water systems to serve its residents.  Call 748-5030 to establish service with the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.

 Telephone Service     www.hawaiiantel.com

While many people are opting to use wireless telephone these days, Hawaiian Telcom still furnishes telephone service statewide and highspeed DSL service. New residents can establish service by applying in person at any of several Phone Marts or by calling 643-3456.  A deposit ranging from $60 to $120 may be requested from Tenants. This deposit is refundable after one year with a good payment record or upon termination of service. Homeowners are required to put down a $45.50 advance payment. It usually takes from three days to one week to establish service.

 Oahu Hawaiian Telcom stores are located at:

       Downtown                                      521-2722

       Kapiolani                                         943-9999   

       Kapolei                                            693-9999

       Pearlridge Shopping Center        487-1160

       Windward Mall (Kaneohe)          235-5775

When applying for service you will need to provide the address where service should be connected, and whether you will rent, purchase, or already own phones.  Ask about additional services including Caller ID. 

 Refuse Collection Service      www.opala.org

Each county administers a public refuse collection program.  On Oahu, residential communities are serviced with a twice-weekly pickup of trash and recyclables. There is also a bulky item pickup service. Some townhouse and condominium projects contract to private refuse collection.  Call the Refuse Collection office at 768-3401 for service and schedules.  Refuse must be placed on the sidewalk in trash cans, bags or tied neatly.  There is no separate charge in Honolulu for residential refuse collection.


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